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Cemetery services: grave cleaning Minsk,
painting fences Minsk and other services

UMM PLUS+ — provides cemetery services in Minsk and the Minsk region. We specialize in grave cleaning, grave painting, grave locating and other services… We are dedicated to preserving the dignity and purity of your loved ones’ graves.

You can order the service by phone:
+375 (33) 913-40-91
 +375 (29) 108-58-68
 +375 (25) 776-30-93
 +1 (332) 262-2588
+7 (952) 362-10-37

Cemetery services
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Cleaning graves
Order the service “Cleaning of Graves in Minsk” from “UMM PLUS+”
+375 (33) 913-40-91
from 15 $
Painting grave fences Minsk
Order the service “Painting the grave fence Minsk” from “UMM PLUS+”
+375 (33) 913-40-91
from 31 $
Search for burials (graves) Minsk
Order the service “Search for a grave in Minsk” from “UMM PLUS+”
+375 (33) 913-40-91
9 $ 15 $
Cutting down trees/branches/bushes
Order cutting down trees, branches, bushes inexpensively from UMM PLUS+
+375 (33) 913-40-91
from 4 $
Cleaning the grave fence
Order cleaning of the grave fence inexpensively from UMM PLUS+
+375 (33) 913-40-91
from 11 $
Removing snow from a grave
Order snow removal from a grave inexpensively from UMM PLUS+
+375 (33) 913-40-91
15 $ 21 $
Laying flowers on the grave
Order laying flowers on a grave inexpensively at UMM PLUS+
+375 (33) 913-40-91
6 $ 9 $
Lighting a lamp on a grave
Order lighting of a lamp on a grave inexpensively at UMM PLUS+
+375 (33) 913-40-91
6 $ 9 $
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We care about our clients and take a responsible approach to any task! We work with Soul and Consciousness!

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Our team works 24/7 WITHOUT WEEKENDS or lunch breaks! We accept calls around the clock. Call anytime.

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We can agree on everything remotely, which is especially important for people living abroad or in the Russian Federation.


Our team has extensive experience in our field, this allows us to work without undue delays

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We are for moderate, justified prices for all services. Prices for all our services are reasonable and reasonable.
Уборка могил в Минске и Минской области недорого
About Us
UMM PLUS+ is a young and rapidly growing organization specializing in the field of cemetery services. We offer a wide range of services that are designed to ease the burden and meet the needs of our clients during difficult times of bereavement and memory.

Our main goal is to provide clients with a sense of confidence and peace of mind, knowing that we take care of every detail and offer high quality services. We understand that every person and family is unique, which is why our team of specialists works closely with each client to understand their individual needs and offer the best solutions.

We offer a wide range of services including grave cleaning, fencing painting, monument installation and maintenance, landscaping and other cemetery work. We work with professional equipment and modern technologies, guaranteeing high quality and reliability of our services.

UMM PLUS+ offers low-cost services to be available to all clients who need our help. We strive to work with each client individually, guaranteeing high-quality and professional service on time and taking into account all the features and requirements.

We are proud to be a young and growing organization as this allows us to be flexible and adapt to the changing needs and expectations of our clients. Our goal is to create a cozy and well-kept cemetery that will serve as a place of memory and reflect respect for the departed.

By choosing UMM PLUS+, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality cemetery services, which will be provided with professionalism, sensitivity and attention to every detail. We strive to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction to our clients and maintain long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

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